Day 2 @ Fangzhou PS

TODAY – Wednesday 30th May

Hello everyone,

Today we began with another visit to our sister school. We began the day making dumplings. This was an enjoyable activity. The head chef assisted us and gave us helpful hints to keep the dumpling together. We played a game of soccer and participated in their daily exercise program. The dumplings were delicious!!!

In the afternoon we went to the silk museum and saw how silk is made. Many of us bought a beautiful silk memento. Next was a trip to Tiger Hill.

We are having a fabulous time and getting a real taste of China’s culture. Not long until our time ends. What an amazing experience it has been. Please also check out our photos 2018 folder as we have uploaded a few other photos there as well.

Head Chef at Fangzhou PS

making dumplings

Tamika with a silk worm

Silk worms at the Silk Factory

Our Sister School – Fangzhou PS

We arrived at Fangzhou PS at 9:30am and were welcomed by the Principal and Vice Principal. Amy, Lucy and Jordan were also there. They have all been to Kangaroo Flat PS. We all participated in a calligraphy session and worked with a Chinese student to make a beautiful art piece.
Next we were introduced at a whole school assembly and we all had a turn on the microphone in front of 3,000 students – very brave!! We met our class and spent a session making a Chinese decoration. Everyone was very friendly and happy to help us. Lunch was delicious.

In the afternoon it was time to head back to the hotel and we participated in a Kung Fu master class. After that we were back on the bus and headed to the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

Ava was a professional at Kung Fu! Tamika enjoyed making the Chinese decorations and Maddy painted a beautiful painting. The highlight for Will was visiting the school. Everyone loves Will’s hair!

The Foyer of the Fangzhou PS

Catching up with freinds

Outside in the assembly area

in the canteen at Fangzhou Primary School

Kung Fu Master Class


We arrived in Suzhou after a 2 hour bus trip from Shanghai. After our arrival we went for an early dinner – beautiful sizzle beef, sauteed cabbage, sweet and sour pork and other delightful dishes. Our hotel is amazing in Suzhou. Everyone went to be early as we have had a very busy few days.

On the bus at 9am. We spent the day at Tongli Water Town. So interesting! An old town on the canal. We went on a boat tour of the canal and went passed all the old homes and shops. Had a yummy traditional lunch where local produce was used. Tried fresh lychees and they were delicious. Tamika bought a hand made stone necklace. Will bought a hat and cool sunglasses. Ava bought a beautiful umbrella and Maddy bought a beautiful scarf. Mrs Gloury opened a pearly shell and had enough pearls to make 4 poairs of earrings and a bracelet!
early evening meal tonight and back to the hotel. School Visits start tomorrow.

Our Suzhou Hotel

Ava on the canal tour

Tamika on the boat trip

Will on the canal tour

Maddy on the gondolier along the canals

ERA Circus

The circus was like nothing we’d seen before! So much to look at and the people /acrobats were so flexible. Very lucky to have been able to go to the circus.

At the circus in our seats

In the foyer of the ERA Circus

Shanghai Subway

We had a good flight to Shanghai. Arrived and booked into the lovely Park Hotel. Much better than the airport hotel provided to us by the airline in Beijing! Everyone is well.
The ERA circus was AMAZING!! Everyone’s mouth dropped when 8 motorbikes got into the enclosed ring/ball and drove around. Off to the markets today and then a bus ride to Suzhou. China is amazing. Kids have adapted well to the subway travel!!

Travelling on the subway – Ava and Tamika

Subway – Will and Maddy

a bit of game playing on the train?? or did someone lose their balance Mr Burnett?

Update on flights

Hello KFPS families,

After yesterday’s delay in flights, our intrepid and very patient travellers will board CA1577 flight from Beijing to Shanghai today at 11:30am (Beijing time) which is 1:30pm here in Bendigo. They are well and will make contact with families when time allows. This has only put a slight hiccup in their Shanghai plans.

Please keep checking the blog as I will update when more information comes through.

xie xie – Kim Saddlier

Beijing happenings

Our KFPS travellers are thoroughly enjoying themselves and all that Beijing has to offer. Please check out some of the photos in our “Photos 2018” section of our blog. Although there has been some delays with flights in the Beijing to Shanghai leg of the trip, it has not dampened the spirits of our crew. And why would it? What they have seen so far is amazing. Ava has said that this trip to China is a once in a life time trip, but I truly believe that this trip has opened our students’ eyes into what wonderful opportunities travel brings to us and what other countries have to offer. I love the photos of the students at the Great Wall of China – and this is only just a few of the photos! I believe lots of photos have been taken!! As they say……When in China…!

superb view of the Great Wall of China

Happy faces!

Happy faces!

Tamika, Ava, Will and Maddy posing for photos on the Great Wall of China

Delay in flights

Hi everyone,

I know have spoken with you personally but this message came through from the Team China group tonight at 6:30pm (Aussie time) that the flight between Beijing and  Shanghai has been cancelled due to weather. The airline is putting the Team up in a hotel in Beijing and  they are flying to Shanghai tomorrow at 11:30am.  All is fine.

Just to reiterate – the kids are having a wonderful time.

Thanks – Kim