Megan’s thoughts – Day 2

My favourite times of the day today was: The pearl tower, the bus ride and the dinner that I had. We went on he middle pearl (there was only 3 and it was the second biggest), as there was the opaque part, see-through floor part and the roller coaster. Oakley and Chelsea went on the roller coaster and they wore Virtual Reality head sets to make it look like they were about to fall! I got to see what it looked like without the VR headsets and they went 90 degrees at one point! Any ways, overall, the second day of the experience was great, and I couldn’t have asked for more! I do miss my family a lot, but there is only 8 days to go! 😄

Day 2 of trip

Wow! What a day it has been! We had so much fun😀
The Pearl Tower was amazing. The day was pretty clear so as you can see from our photos we had a great view. The glass floor was great and we all had a try at lying on it! The history museum was fantastic – China has sooooo much history.
The next stop was the Jian temple where we saw Buddhists praying.
Then the Big Red Bus took us on a scenic tour around Shanghai and told us about the various sites.
Back to the hotel for a very quick freshen up then out to dinner.
Kids are awesome!!! I love them to pieces!