Beijing happenings

Our KFPS travellers are thoroughly enjoying themselves and all that Beijing has to offer. Please check out some of the photos in our “Photos 2018” section of our blog. Although there has been some delays with flights in the Beijing to Shanghai leg of the trip, it has not dampened the spirits of our crew. And why would it? What they have seen so far is amazing. Ava has said that this trip to China is a once in a life time trip, but I truly believe that this trip has opened our students’ eyes into what wonderful opportunities travel brings to us and what other countries have to offer. I love the photos of the students at the Great Wall of China – and this is only just a few of the photos! I believe lots of photos have been taken!! As they say……When in China…!

superb view of the Great Wall of China

Happy faces!

Happy faces!

Tamika, Ava, Will and Maddy posing for photos on the Great Wall of China

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  1. Magnificent photos KFPS group, the Great Wall is truly spectacular! Hope you enjoy every moment, I wonder how many towers you were able to walk to? Looking forward to hearing about you trip!. Mrs M.

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