Day 2 @ Fangzhou PS

TODAY – Wednesday 30th May

Hello everyone,

Today we began with another visit to our sister school. We began the day making dumplings. This was an enjoyable activity. The head chef assisted us and gave us helpful hints to keep the dumpling together. We played a game of soccer and participated in their daily exercise program. The dumplings were delicious!!!

In the afternoon we went to the silk museum and saw how silk is made. Many of us bought a beautiful silk memento. Next was a trip to Tiger Hill.

We are having a fabulous time and getting a real taste of China’s culture. Not long until our time ends. What an amazing experience it has been. Please also check out our photos 2018 folder as we have uploaded a few other photos there as well.

Head Chef at Fangzhou PS

making dumplings

Tamika with a silk worm

Silk worms at the Silk Factory

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